It’s time to share the last in my Twelve Questions series and introduce you to the next member of our trio of Harajuku Girls. Kunjue’s recent work includes lead roles in Peaky Blinders, One Child and Ripper Street. In Harajuku Girls she has risen to the challenge of playing two very different parts: the innocent Yumi and Fumi, the most longstanding member of the image club which Mari and Keiko soon find themselves a part of.

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Can you describe the character you’re playing in Harajuku Girls in one sentence?

I am playing Yumi and Fumiko. Yumi is a very kind, geeky, naive girl. She grew up with Keiko and Mari, but then Keiko and Mari started to hang out with the cool kids, Yumi was left alone at school and sometimes Keiko bullies her behind her back.
Fumiko is older than the other girls, she is mature, sexy, confident and slightly calculating. She has worked in the image club for a long time, and spent all her money on partying.



What do you love most about your character in the play?

For Yumi, I like the fact that she is so innocent, and cute.
For fumiko, I like her confidence.



What’s your favourite city and why?

Chengdu, it is my hometown, the people there are extremely friendly and it has a very chilled lifestyle.



What’s the best play you’ve seen recently?

A View from the Bridge.



Why did you want to be an actor?

I wanted to be an actor since I was a kid, I like to experience different people’s life. I’m obsessed with human physiology and emotions. Since we only live once, being an actress we can live so many times.



What’s your favourite word?




What would be your death row meal?

Hotpot ( you can have it for ages, plus it is spicy!).



If you could have been born in any era, which would it be and why?

Tang Dynasty, they like women being fat, and I love food, I can just eat my way to beauty.



Who inspires you?

Meryl Streep.



What books are on your bedside table?

World War Z, zombie survive guide.



What’s your favourite place in London?

Trafalgar square.



Tell us a secret.

I m a kid in heart, in disguise in the adult world.

– Julia


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