Today, I went along to the London Anime & Gaming Con and joined the hundreds in attendance at London Met.

It was great going along and meeting everyone. A very warm and friendly welcome. There’s so much going on that it is hard to take it all in. Spiderman chatting away to Goku. The Bride feeding Scarecrow chunky chips. The assortment of superheroes relaxing in the dark watching someone else on screen save the world.

All of this was done with a lot of love, care and attention that I feel bad handing out flyers. Everyone was so open to talk to each other that it amazes me that when people assume a different identity, they can be liberated. Of course liberation isn’t the same for everyone but that’s a another conversation entirely.

However in that room, each and every individual with all the masks, costumes, and make up on were free to be themselves.


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