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5 Steps To Get You Ready For Ultimate Intimacy


You have a “burning” desire to be touched at the deepest level but are afraid to open yourself up and be vulnerable? Do you dream of your life being “juicy”? Learn how to get connected at the deepest level and enjoy more intimacy, sensuality, joyful relationships and sacred sexuality!


1. Why Are We Stuck?

Most people are really busy living proper and stressful lives, while experiencing a lack of loving and feeling loved. They often feel empty inside, forgetting that it is a true connection of an intimate relationship that gives the highest level of fulfillment. Couples who use sex toys report better sexual satisfaction and improved relationship. With uniquely designed shape and intense motor, the Unity is a perfect fit for your bedroom play.


2. Why We Need Intimacy?

The feeling of being connected nurtures us, that is why those that build intimacy before getting physical make the best lovers. Be authentic and true by sharing the whole range of your emotions, feelings and experiences. The best way to connect with your partner is to leave all daily worries behind and experience total relaxation with intense massaging action of the vibrating wand massager.


3. Love Yourself!

It’s a cliché, but self-love is absolutely essential for creating high quality intimate relationships. We need to love and understand ourselves in order to love another. Take charge of your own pleasure and explore your preferences by using this amazing new generation toy. Enjoy the vibrations and the thrust!


4. Why We Need Sensuality?

Sensuality makes us feel alive and happy. Coming up with new and creative ways of pleasing each other is a great way of keeping the romance in your relationship going strong. Being sensual is about being really there, in the moment, enjoying one another fully. The point isn’t just to have sex, but rather to feel real sensual joy. Surrender control and concentrate on sensations by allowing your partner to tease you with a remote control vibrator.


5. Why We Need Sexual Experiences?

Sexual energy is a universal fuel for life, nourishing body, spirit & soul. Besides clean food and exercise, nothing else will improve your health more than sex, and it will do so in a most natural and pleasurable way. Share your sexual, sensual and intimate energy with your partner while lovemaking and connect your energies to multiply your pleasure by using vibrating couple’s ring.


Reprinted with permission by EdenFantasys.com

Original text located at: http://www.edenfantasys.com/get-inspired/ultimate-intimacy


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How to woo a woman ? Know the subtle difference between courtship and harassment


There is a clear asymmetry in the human courtship, just as in courtship in other animal species: usually they attack and they run away. So it is in species ranging from the partridge until African steppes. And in man this is similar: they usually move away, and it is they who will have to take guts and go for them. Therefore men rejection seems so bad: perhaps what we are saying the female is not worth ; but it is perhaps just a test, and men better tolerate the rejection will be those who, at the insistence more genuine.

As children we are taught equalitarianism in men and women. In this blog, we support the economic and social equality between men and women. But we know that issues are courting no symmetry how to woo a woman to the kids shyer than 15 or 20 years or more beyond them plenty of chances to meet girls, just because they have got it into their head not to “disturb people” and not to harass women. And it’s true: one thing is harassment; and other courtship is not always very sweet game scheduled courtship (albeit a risky game); stupidity and mind of the stalker grid with perhaps courageous actions, but in turn lack of emotional intelligence. These two points are very important in courtship see how it works in humans:

1. It is men who have the initiative to attack, and women who have the initiative to “defend”.

2. And is not the same court that bullying: in the first step we are risky but subtle; in the second case we are risky but without emotional intelligence.


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The Natural way to improve your happiness with your partner

There are many ways to have extended the male organ naturally. How it works is questions for both men and women. Because, a woman also interested in thick organs and not in longer ones and man as well interested in a thicker and broader organ, all they have to learn about human body condition. How it works and how the person should manage

Or how the person should correct him naturally to have extension in organ, the food goes via stead line and brings, naturally it has to dispense. In this the organs now need proper blood circulation.

How The Blood Circulation Helps In Extension of Organ

All food is bringing blood to the body, the good blood is carried by verticals, bad blood is carried by articles the black color blood is bad blood. The good blood always remains in red color; this is the difference to identify the bad and good blood. The good blood is nothing but purified by the heart. In this way the blood should have all the bad content

This is available to all, anyone can take the advice and follow the simple lessons and anyone can keep his health in best condition, in physical relationship too, already many people self-cured this way.

Therefore, the person should eat vegetables fresh fruits to increase the best blood circulation. This is one of the first and easy ways to increase the penis size. Naturally when the good blood circulation is going deep inside the under belt parts in the human body, the blood brings the flesh strong. In this way the extra skin in the body or penis only develops. There is no fresh flesh is appearing to any man. Therefore maintaining health with herbal also leads the person to have a sound health.

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Author | admin Comments | Comments Off Date | October 11, 2019

Tips for Women on How to attract a Man or How to Get attention of Men ?


What are your tactics to attract male attention? Mindful of the most common mistakes women and Avoid them if you can!

Although some people are born with a sixth sense for flirting, for most people conquer someone is not always easy.

Reason, techniques are employed with not very good results to attract male attention.

Just as for a woman, that friends of the suitor future approach for submission is no guarantee of success, there are many men who scare them some female attitudes to get his attention.

What are your tactics to become the center of attention? Pay attention to the following we present and if you feel identified with, better change tactics.

You’ll be surprised what hitherto believed or thought is probably simply false!

You may already sound like this: you are invited to a party, you fix it and you start looking, you bring the most modern outfit, you spend hours in front of the mirror; yes, I like you.

What beauty is reflected in the mirror!

You prepare to introduce proud and sure of yourself in public. Let’s see what happens tonight at the party … Unfortunately there are other women. And these are not just ugly. The “competition” does not rest …

But what can you do to stand out from the mass of the other women?

Or, put another way, what women are always surrounded by men doing? Do women who are always the center of male attention?

Most women would love to be idolized by the world of men. Unfortunately run fake than men their attention, especially at the time of the famous first impression rumors. You focus on what is not: the perfect body, the perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect … etc.

You just want to BE perfect.

Whenever I tell women to be “perfect” is not everything, what you get are skeptical smiles. They do not believe me because they are convinced that men with first fixing is the APPEARANCE of a woman. Many women are convinced: the problem with men is that they do not have ENOUGH to offer. They are not pretty enough or thin enough, are not so sure of themselves, etc.

With your permission, this is completely illogical.

Being “perfect” is a nice ideal, but it is not at all NECESSARY, when you want to interest men.


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How to Seduce a Man ?


Seduction is like a chess game , we leave victorious will depend on the strategy to apply . The movements, counterattacks, openings … Anything goes when it comes to seducing and our opponent falls surrendered to our feet.

We bedfellows because it’s fun, exciting and very rewarding. When seduction extends beyond the ‘one night stand’ generates stability, companionship and friendship. This covers a lot more important than sex itself human needs . If you’re planning to seduce someone , I’ll give some tips:
When you have to choose the person let yourself go by intuition. The choice is often reciprocal, we tend to like people we like, but sometimes our low self-esteem does not allow us to believe and the opportunity passes before us.

Before acting, look at the signals that you receive from him. To find out if she likes you and move on safe ground, reviewing everything you know of nonverbal language . If he is giving back or maintains a ‘closed’ position, better not approach at this time. If otherwise, you keep the look more than two seconds, it is a sure sign to know if he likes you.

If you want to attract to yourself, respecting the rules of flirting. If you approach and it does something ‘nice’ mouth, then find another. The ‘punishing’ does not interest us because they are boring and predictable . After this first approach, the word comes in. You have a few seconds to show flirty but not overdo it, show intelligent but keeping you best, be available but not far distant but not much, rendered but not much. At first the game is ‘a lime and sand’ or know how to play ‘cat and mouse’. indifferent could be a good bait provided the mask falls at the right time .

Signs that make you think you’ve ‘caught’ : when he will remove a ‘fluff’ that do not have or you remove a hair from her face, already! You got it! The next step is ‘at your place or mine’. And do not forget two important rules: never lie, or your circumstances, or your feelings. Thanks to a little souvenir, although not want to see him again or, life is very long and you never know.


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How to seduce a Woman ?


1. Details and gifts are welcome, provided the what, how and when. View details (the four keys to love).

2. Try to be charming, but not overbearing. To win in the equlilibrio is virtue. Be charming but do not overdo.

3. That she is the protagonist. Do not talk excessively about you or your stuff, if you manage her to open towards you, you count your things and your life will be a big step.

4. Free her, make her feel that being with you is like flying. Seize every minute to make her well.

If all fails, try again but not cloyingly press. Understand this friend, Men who are intelligent, philosophical, extremely good in their character, even with good looks too they all have failed in a getting a woman, whereas Men who are coward, stupid, dirty, very bad character, cunning, tyrants, who have been worst of humans have easily conquered women.

Real Men have always and will always fail in pleasing and getting a good woman. It is a curse upon manhood. The more stupid a women it becomes very hard for an intelligent and a real Man to get her.

So dont get frustrated and just use a dating service to get a women or a good girlfriend experience., no no..dont feel its fake..because you will never know even in a relationship when women fake or pretend or cheat or break up with lies  😉


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Author | admin Comments | Comments Off Date | October 6, 2009