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5 Steps To Get You Ready For Ultimate Intimacy


You have a “burning” desire to be touched at the deepest level but are afraid to open yourself up and be vulnerable? Do you dream of your life being “juicy”? Learn how to get connected at the deepest level and enjoy more intimacy, sensuality, joyful relationships and sacred sexuality!


1. Why Are We Stuck?

Most people are really busy living proper and stressful lives, while experiencing a lack of loving and feeling loved. They often feel empty inside, forgetting that it is a true connection of an intimate relationship that gives the highest level of fulfillment. Couples who use sex toys report better sexual satisfaction and improved relationship. With uniquely designed shape and intense motor, the Unity is a perfect fit for your bedroom play.


2. Why We Need Intimacy?

The feeling of being connected nurtures us, that is why those that build intimacy before getting physical make the best lovers. Be authentic and true by sharing the whole range of your emotions, feelings and experiences. The best way to connect with your partner is to leave all daily worries behind and experience total relaxation with intense massaging action of the vibrating wand massager.


3. Love Yourself!

It’s a cliché, but self-love is absolutely essential for creating high quality intimate relationships. We need to love and understand ourselves in order to love another. Take charge of your own pleasure and explore your preferences by using this amazing new generation toy. Enjoy the vibrations and the thrust!


4. Why We Need Sensuality?

Sensuality makes us feel alive and happy. Coming up with new and creative ways of pleasing each other is a great way of keeping the romance in your relationship going strong. Being sensual is about being really there, in the moment, enjoying one another fully. The point isn’t just to have sex, but rather to feel real sensual joy. Surrender control and concentrate on sensations by allowing your partner to tease you with a remote control vibrator.


5. Why We Need Sexual Experiences?

Sexual energy is a universal fuel for life, nourishing body, spirit & soul. Besides clean food and exercise, nothing else will improve your health more than sex, and it will do so in a most natural and pleasurable way. Share your sexual, sensual and intimate energy with your partner while lovemaking and connect your energies to multiply your pleasure by using vibrating couple’s ring.


Reprinted with permission by EdenFantasys.com

Original text located at: http://www.edenfantasys.com/get-inspired/ultimate-intimacy


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Looking for a real Female’s guide to how men think ? here you go!


There is a popular opinion that Men and Women tend to think differently even given the same circumstances and the main reason behind it their brains are wired in different ways to react and behave that way. There are tonnes of books, websites and seminars that tell men to how to understand women on the other hand there are a very few resources that can really tell and guide women to know how men think with insights into male minds. It might look like Men are simple, plain and outspoken and as Men are easily attracted by looks of a female, it would appear like good looking is more than enough to get a man but when a woman begins to have a long time relationship with a man it requires more than just looks to keep them happy and to keep hold of the man in the relationship.

What you can really get to know by using the right female guide to male minds ? A happy relationship is tied around things that might look small but are of high significance, from this guide, females can know what Men expect from women, how to know if a Man is lying, and what is really required to get Men with good personality and high profile and more such interesting and highly useful ideas and guidance to a beautiful relationship.


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Make your loved ones feel special with a Gift and Vacation within your budget


It is a good idea to surprise people and when in a relationship it is a great idea to surprise your loved ones at least once in a while. Even relationship counsellors and psychologists advice that surprising your better half with a vacation or a beautiful gift will really make them forget all the misunderstandings and will strengthen the relationship even better by making them emotionally connect to things and events made to happen to delight them. Based on their financial capacity and affordability people will either choose to buy a gift or plan for a vacation. However, the underlying fact is it is a dream for most of them to have both as we want to express our love in all possible ways to people who are special to us.

Here is a way to have both vacation and gifting affordable and it is by using VouchaCodes which will enable online shoppers to buy products at a price lesser than actual price by applying discounts available for these discount codes. The real advantage is not when people use these codes and save money instead if they are able to buy products which they really wanted to have but could not afford to buy then that is when the real purpose of these discount options is fulfilled. .

I used these discount codes effectively whereby I booked a vacation using a code and got ‘50% Off on Select Booking.com Orders’ and not stopping with that as a double delight with the money I saved I booked a couple of Spa treatments for me and my wife at BuyaGift using the code ‘Savings Of Up To £349 On Spa’ and also used the code ‘£45 For Elemis Eye & Lip Collection’ at FeelUnique and gifted them both to her as a surprise.


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Advices for maintaining a Healthy Relationship


It’s not just about having someone next to us for company or who can spend leisure time, a relationship involves much more than that and eventually the desire of every couple to be together in a healthy union to grow and strengthen over time.

A long-term relationship can retain much of the charm of earlier times, to achieve creativity is needed to overcome laziness and comfortable routines.

The importance of tolerance and patience
Nothing is more exhausting for a relationship that constant desire of the parties to make another change. Changes occur in a relationship only when genuinely want to do and although is not easy to tolerate the faults of our partner is necessary to do so patient. It is very important to accept others as they are and take a deep breath before creating a storm in a glass of water with small problems that do not deserve it.

A good sex

In sexuality influence biology, but also the psychology of both. The stress and fatigue newspapers are not the best companions for a relationship. Laughter, however, allows distensiona and quieter approach. Find or create adequate (also emotional) environments and avoid “automatic” meetings are good ways to maintain a dynamic and exciting relationship. Preparing food together, slowly and announcing in advance so that both are in the same vein, it is a good way to be available for sex.

In any kind of personal relationship and respect is essential when it comes to our partner more. You must create a link that even in moments of anger we dare to fail the respect to the other, this is mutual and is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship. Loving others means also respect it.

Modify routines

The routines prevail because they are comfortable, but may become automatic and therefore lose the excitement. Break is easier than you think. Is to give room for spontaneity, daring to make proposals unusual and changing comfort for action. For example, make a sunny day in the week and found somewhere in town after work to talk as night falls.

Being buddies

Rather than being a couple, it is important that both are friends. Life can not become only obligations and responsibilities. It is building a life and a future together, but spaces of relaxation, leisure, fun and mischief are also needed. Being buddies follies, creates a very strong and rewarding relationship.


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