Last Sunday, I moonlighted as photographer‘s assistant on the Harajuku Girls photo shoot, hiding behind a massive reflector was never this enjoyable! The brief was fun and frolics with a hint of cheeky sexiness, which was easy with such stunning actresses as Haruka Abe, Elizabeth Tan and Kunjue Li.


Don’t dismiss them as just pretty faces though, they worked incredibly hard on their Sunday after a full week of rehearsals: these women are powerhouses. Their input was insightful, suggestions helpful and they made the atmosphere relaxed. Absolutely no diva antics with these up and coming talents, who have made their way across our television screens in Waterloo Road, Cucumber and Peaky Blinders

Kunjue had provided us with the space, Haruka had brought wigs to play with and Elizabeth came up with the idea of plastering the background in anime posters. Producer Nick Goh had raided the Japan store for snacks as props and let’s be honest: food always goes down well on a shoot… It was a huge collective effort, as we were on a time limit and everyone pulled together to create the best photos.


The girls were working the camera, natural talents in taking direction by photographer Alexander Newton. It was a great shoot, the actresses were incredibly generous with their time and towards each other. It is wonderful to see new connections made and a group gel well. The results of the shoot will be up soon but here is a sneaky peak:


Our own Harajuku Girls poster made it into the background of some pictures: a playful wink to the production that I am so very proud to be involved with. Hope you can come and see the show at the Finborough, I promise you’ll be in for a treat!

– Clarissa

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