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How to woo a woman ? Know the subtle difference between courtship and harassment


There is a clear asymmetry in the human courtship, just as in courtship in other animal species: usually they attack and they run away. So it is in species ranging from the partridge until African steppes. And in man this is similar: they usually move away, and it is they who will have to take guts and go for them. Therefore men rejection seems so bad: perhaps what we are saying the female is not worth ; but it is perhaps just a test, and men better tolerate the rejection will be those who, at the insistence more genuine.

As children we are taught equalitarianism in men and women. In this blog, we support the economic and social equality between men and women. But we know that issues are courting no symmetry how to woo a woman to the kids shyer than 15 or 20 years or more beyond them plenty of chances to meet girls, just because they have got it into their head not to “disturb people” and not to harass women. And it’s true: one thing is harassment; and other courtship is not always very sweet game scheduled courtship (albeit a risky game); stupidity and mind of the stalker grid with perhaps courageous actions, but in turn lack of emotional intelligence. These two points are very important in courtship see how it works in humans:

1. It is men who have the initiative to attack, and women who have the initiative to “defend”.

2. And is not the same court that bullying: in the first step we are risky but subtle; in the second case we are risky but without emotional intelligence.


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Author | admin Comments | Comments Off Date | January 6, 2020