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How to initiate a conversation with Girls ?


Here are 5 tips on How to initiate a conversation with Girls,

1. Make her laugh. The girls love guys who have a great sense of humor. Do not be offensive or cruel to your mood, because you will do that cares about you say anything bad about it when you are away. Instead, be wise with your humor. Look at some famous comedians for examples.
However, this does not mean you never have to take anything seriously or else end up looking like a clown. Try to know a little more before you try to be funny (some funny jokes for you might not be for her). Know their culture, their environment and the things they love will be useful.

2. Dress seriously. Fashion is for Guys too. Get a good pair of shoes. A good pair of jeans will also serve, just make sure you stay and look good on you! The same goes for shorts. Not only can buy an outfit. Never wear clothes more than twice a week.

3. Always smells fresh. The smell is extremely important to attract people. Although smell it might not be a decisive factor, it stink it is! You’ll have to take some basic steps to remove all the unpleasant body odour that is characteristic of humans!

4. Take a shower regularly and not only with water. Use soap to help your skin stay healthy. If you just came from the gym or practice some deported, this step is very important. Some women are attracted to the smell of fresh sweat, but enough that you have a few minutes for you banish!

5. Buy a cologne that smells good or body spray. Use only a little. You must issue just a little odor, not a whole cloud. If you use just a little, she’ll want to smell you lean more … a cloud will keep 5 meters away from you!


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