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5 Quick Tips to get your First date through Flirting


1. Speak of your previous success with Women in a small way(if you dont have then try to imagine and tell one)

Several studies suggest that women consider a man more attractive if other women appreciate or enjoy being with this man . It also occurs in a simple picture, as I explained in more attractive if someone tells us that we are attractive .

That is, in theory, if an accomplice accompanies you on a first date and openly laughs at your occurrences, you shall cause a better first impression .

2. Respect her differences of opinion, then express your disagreement and then give a solid reason with lesser known facts

Praise and continuously nod is not always the best strategy to ingratiate the opposite sex. If you want to cause real interest, you have to assume certain challenge. It is better to act tough in the first minutes of the appointment, even disagreeing with what you say , and then show directly lovely.

3. Talk about things you both hate each other – This actually works with both Men and Women

According to a study entitled ” interpersonal chemistry through the negativity share negative attitudes of others makes common bonds arise “is easier to feel complicit if we talk about the things we dislike both , not the ones we like.

Two people having a common dislike or hate shall befriend each other immediately

4. Give a genuine and casual smile – Take time to smile and do it slowly

He smiled in the world of seduction is not as easy as extending the corner of his mouth. You also have to make the corner of my eye wrinkling.

Make a slow smile, because people always keep looking into someone when they smile and a long smile can make them engage into your eyes and mouth.

5. Do not fake or even when faking make it look real or fake it with an acceptance that you had to fake it to make her like you

Dont fake or exaggerate about your previous partners and relationships. The point is to show certain balance between the two extremes : define you as demanding (you’re selective and have not had many partners) but also seen (have had a few pairs).


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