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How to Seduce a Man ?


Seduction is like a chess game , we leave victorious will depend on the strategy to apply . The movements, counterattacks, openings … Anything goes when it comes to seducing and our opponent falls surrendered to our feet.

We bedfellows because it’s fun, exciting and very rewarding. When seduction extends beyond the ‘one night stand’ generates stability, companionship and friendship. This covers a lot more important than sex itself human needs . If you’re planning to seduce someone , I’ll give some tips:
When you have to choose the person let yourself go by intuition. The choice is often reciprocal, we tend to like people we like, but sometimes our low self-esteem does not allow us to believe and the opportunity passes before us.

Before acting, look at the signals that you receive from him. To find out if she likes you and move on safe ground, reviewing everything you know of nonverbal language . If he is giving back or maintains a ‘closed’ position, better not approach at this time. If otherwise, you keep the look more than two seconds, it is a sure sign to know if he likes you.

If you want to attract to yourself, respecting the rules of flirting. If you approach and it does something ‘nice’ mouth, then find another. The ‘punishing’ does not interest us because they are boring and predictable . After this first approach, the word comes in. You have a few seconds to show flirty but not overdo it, show intelligent but keeping you best, be available but not far distant but not much, rendered but not much. At first the game is ‘a lime and sand’ or know how to play ‘cat and mouse’. indifferent could be a good bait provided the mask falls at the right time .

Signs that make you think you’ve ‘caught’ : when he will remove a ‘fluff’ that do not have or you remove a hair from her face, already! You got it! The next step is ‘at your place or mine’. And do not forget two important rules: never lie, or your circumstances, or your feelings. Thanks to a little souvenir, although not want to see him again or, life is very long and you never know.


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Author | admin Comments | Comments Off Date | December 8, 2011