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Don’ts for Women on your First Date with Men


Yes, definitely there are many things you should never say or ask to a man. If you want to avoid quarrelling, jealousy, fits of rage and even self-esteem issues in yourself, it is better that in certain circumstances the mouth closures. Remember the saying: “Loose lips, sink ships!”

Here are Things you should never ask Men on your First Date,

1 “Dont ask him whether you look good or pretty?”

If you and your boyfriend a woman known both (friend, classmate, work or whatever) and notes that he looks pretty, would never ask that question intersect. If you say no, you get angry because you do not think and if you answer yes, you will come a rage. Best avoid concerns nonsense and make nothing happened.



2. Dont ask questions about his interests in Sports, many Men feel if they tell they like sports women may lose interest in them

Your boyfriend is highly concentrated watching a football match of your favorite team. You’re nervous, it moves in all directions and screams. The worst you can say at the moment is this: many men love football and listening to despise not fall very well.

3. Dont ask him whether your fat or about your physique ?

One question that ends in fight, always. If he says no, he does think so do not be evil. And if you say yes, the esteem you have left on the floor. Never consult that your boyfriend.


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