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How to seduce a Woman ?


1. Details and gifts are welcome, provided the what, how and when. View details (the four keys to love).

2. Try to be charming, but not overbearing. To win in the equlilibrio is virtue. Be charming but do not overdo.

3. That she is the protagonist. Do not talk excessively about you or your stuff, if you manage her to open towards you, you count your things and your life will be a big step.

4. Free her, make her feel that being with you is like flying. Seize every minute to make her well.

If all fails, try again but not cloyingly press. Understand this friend, Men who are intelligent, philosophical, extremely good in their character, even with good looks too they all have failed in a getting a woman, whereas Men who are coward, stupid, dirty, very bad character, cunning, tyrants, who have been worst of humans have easily conquered women.

Real Men have always and will always fail in pleasing and getting a good woman. It is a curse upon manhood. The more stupid a women it becomes very hard for an intelligent and a real Man to get her.

So dont get frustrated and just use a dating service to get a women or a good girlfriend experience., no no..dont feel its fake..because you will never know even in a relationship when women fake or pretend or cheat or break up with lies  😉


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